Thursday, August 27, 2009

Gumblar Attack - How to Clean your PC and Web Hosting Account?

Gumblar Attack - How to Clean your PC and Web Hosting Account?

Follow these steps to clean your system and hosting account.

A. Clean Your System:

  • Download and Install following Softwares
  • Scan your Full System through both Softwares
  • Disconnect your System from Internet During Scan.
  • Restart your System after Successful Scans
  1. Download AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition:

  2. Download Free Ad-Aware by LAVA Soft:

B. Clean your Hosting Account:

  • Change your Passwords for All FTP, WebMail, Databases and Browser Saved Passwords
  • Don't Save Password in FTP Clients
  • Delete All Data on Web server or Simply change Hosting Account.
  • Upload Fresh Data
  • Create Your XML Sitemap and Submit it. Click here to Generate Free XML Sitemap
  • Upload sitemap.xml file in home Directory under (public_html folder)

C. Use Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Please use Google Webmaster tools login through your Gmail Account.
  • Verify your Site Ownership.
  • Submit your XML sitemap using Google Webmaster tools.
  • Then Submit your Site to Google for Review regarding badware.

Always use FireFox or Chrome browsers

You can read more about such attacks here:

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.