Sunday, October 4, 2009

.COM @ $7.99 - Promo Instructions

PEACE NIC Names Registry System
The .COM Promo is all set to start on the 1st of October at 12:30 UTC. Here's some important information that you should make a note of, especially since it is our first ever Opt-in Promo.

What is an Opt-in Promo?
The .COM @ $7.99 Promo will be offered to you through the PeaceNic Promo Engine. However, unlike our previous Promos, it will NOT be automatically activated for you. If you wish to Opt-in for this Promo, you will need to manually set your pricing in the Promo Engine on the 1st of October.

What is the Barrier Price?
The Barrier Price for this Promo will be $8.99. What this means, is that if you would like to avail of the special price of $7.99 on .COM Domains, you will need to set your Selling Price for Resellers and Customers to less than $8.99 in the Promo Engine. If you set a Selling Price that is higher than $8.99, you will not be eligible for this Promo and your Cost Price for .COM Domains will be your regular Slab Based Pricing and not $7.99.

How Do You Opt-In?
On the 1st of October, after 12:30 UTC, login to your Reseller Control Panel and go to:

Settings » Set Pricing Plans and Promos » Click here to set your .COM Domain Promo Pricing

Now enter your Selling Price for your Customers and Resellers in the text fields provided. You will also need to specify an RC2 pricing for your Resellers. The RC2 pricing will be applicable to your Resellers who do not opt-in for this promotion. Now click on the Submit button and you will have successfully Opted-in for .COM @ $7.99.

Very Important

* If you set your pricing to lower than $8.99 in the Regular Domain Registration Pricing Page, you will NOT be eligible for the Promo. You will have to set your Pricing in the Promo Engine from the path mentioned above.
* If your Selling Currency is not US Dollars, do not set your Selling Price as the same or very close to the Barrier Price. The system compares the Barrier Price and the Selling Price in USD for every invoice raised and accordingly charges you. If there is a forex fluctuation on that day, your Selling Price may exceed the Barrier Price when converted to USD and this would mean that you are not be eligible for the Promo Pricing.

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